Granular Single Super phosphate

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Granular Single Super phosphate

Type : Granular Single Super phosphate

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Packing : 50 KG

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Granular Single Super phosphate

     18 %   P2O5         

     20 % P2O5     

Properties and uses

  • Manufactured by using the latest technology.
  • Granular with high strength and homogenous in shape and diameter.
  • Treated against caking to become more easily for mechanical dispersion.
  • Contains phosphorus element (the key for life) which is essential for formulation of carbohydrates, sugar, starch and cellulose.
  • Phosphorus is essential for all biological process.
  • Phosphorus is important for energy storage and help to transfer it inside the plant.
  • Essential in translocation of nutrients from root to the plant.
  • Essential role in genetic characteristic especially in the composition of DNA and RNA.
  • Contributes in the growth and development of roots, plant maturity and formation of seeds and fruits.
  • Phosphorus is important for oxidation inside plant and absorption of all nutrients.