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About Us

 for Fertilizers and Chemicals was founded in 2001 with a capital of 35.1 million LE as a leading joint stock company specialized in blended fertilizers industry Phosphate and soluble fertilizers were added to help support fertilizers industry, agriculture and develop this industry in Egypt.

 ‏The factories and administration of the company are located in El-Sadat City, Menofia Governorate, on a plot of (33.125) m2. The board of directors is headed by Engineer Abdelsalam El-Gabaly. 

 is considered one of the leading agricultural companies registered in Egypt's Stock Exchange (El Nile Stock).

 Blended fertilizers factory was established according to the most recent technological methods in order to meet the needs of the local market and exports as production of the factory regarding blended fertilizers reaches 100000 tons annually. The company tries to increase its capacity of production to meet the increasing demand on its products.

 The company sells a great part of its production in the interior so it can reach clients all over the Arab Republic of Egypt. It also exports to countries from Latin America, Africa and Europe.

 The company pays a close attention to quality in all stages of production by means of testing labs starting with receiving the raw materials to the final product that makes it compete globally depending on an outstanding teamwork of engineers, technicians and trainers with the help of European experts and consultants in this field.


Excellence in the field of blended, phosphate and soluble fertilizers using the most advanced technological methods will help become one of the most important companies producing fertilizers in the Arab world.


  • Providing best products for our clients helping their investments to grow.
  •  for Fertilizers and Chemicals to become the first partner for all agricultural sectors by providing the best services whether before or after sale.


  • Work professionally to save money, time and effort of our clients.
  • Permanent development regarding cadres and all kinds of products to meet the needs of the market.
  • Link the name of  with the logo of quality.